Congratulations to all the drummers, as well as everyone    
who is not indifferent about the sounds of the drum set! We  
sincerely believe that there are many such people!
     The sale of drumsticks of Practice! brand name started!
    Surely, all the musicians will confirm: the key to mastering  
mastery in exemplary assiduity, remarkable patience and  
special diligence! The drumstick is not only a drummer's  
instrument, it's his talisman, amulet! The drummers do not  
leave their drumsticks for hours, but the wise musicians do  
not part with them at all! Those students who managed to  
really concentrate their attention on the exercises will  
become masters, and those of them who will not forget about  
regular classes for many years will become The Greats!  
Therefore, we gave our drumsticks the name Practice!
We wish you a fantastic groove
and a powerful drive!
Practice! The drumsticks.
     Wooden sticks Practice! are produced using the latest  
technology which allows to strictly control the geometric  
shape of the product and as a result, to guarantee the  
highest repeatability!
    No to kevlar, carbon fiber, nylon and polystyrene! The  
drumsticks Practice! made of carefully prepared solid wood,  
in full accordance with the age-old traditions of musical  
instruments production!
More detailed information
    W   S   G
  A 70 g 85 g 100 g
  B 80 g 95 g 110 g
Below is the approximate weight of one pair of fifth size sticks of
different wood types:
   The drumsticks Practice! are produced from different types of wood to  
provide the necessary springiness, weight and other physical  
characteristics that are necessary to varying degrees for playing  the  
different music styles. Beech, hornbeam and hickory are the wood species  
most commonly used for drumsticks all over the world. The drumstics  
Practice! are divided into three weight categories:

     W  - white, light, of beech
     S  - silver, medium, of hornbeam
     G - gold, heavy, of hickory, teak

    We adhere to the world traditions and experience and, at the same  
time, we have our own developments and production secrets.
The drumsticks Practice! have the usual outlines, their wooden tips are  
olive-shaped so beloved by experienced musicians, and the dimentions  
are completely corresponds to the world standards.
     Our marking gives you the most complete understanding of the  stick  
parameters. Here are examples with decoding:


   "5" is an average, fifth-size stick.
   "A" is the base diameter of stick, for the fifth size it is about 14.5 mm  
(9/16 "), a strict neck for well perceptible response of the drum heads for  
blues and jazz.
   "B" is an enlarged diameter; for the fifth size it is about 15.0 mm  
(19/32 ") and a stiff short neck with a collar, for the hard'n heavy styles.
   "W" - white series of beech, about 70 - 80 g a couple.
   "S" - average weight, of hornbeam, 85 - 95 g a couple.
   "L" - elongated sticks, 422 mm (16 and 5/8 "). The absence of "L" is the  
usual length, 406 mm (16 ")
... But that's not all! Please familiarize yourself with our experience in tuning the drum set.
Download the archive by clicking on the button on the right, expand it and read the
ReadMe. Our drum tuner is absolutely free! Two scales that we offer are covering perhaps,
all the known situations. Here we go! Set new drum heads then experiment with the tuning,
and at last take the drumsticks Practice!
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