Today, we increasingly use the terms "3D", "virtual  
reality", "prototype", "3D printer", "CAD system." And  
now we will tell you something interesting on this topic.
    Not so long ago, we were invited to create a three-
dimensional model, and not buildings, not boats, not  
furniture, but - imagine! Model of the officer's gorget of  
the Russian Imperial Army. The gorget of the 18th  
century grenadiers!
This work was entrusted to us by one of the  
reconstructors of military events, by the head of the  
military-patriotic club.
   Please, start full-screen video playback on a modern video device,  
for example SmartTV, turn on 3D mode and put on special 3D glasses.  
Enjoy your viewing!
3D models samples
    It was necessary to supply the members of the club  
with vintage military uniforms and the task was to  
repeat several complex details on the available original  
historical samples, among them was a grenadier officer's  
   Then, our model became a part of the technology for  
the release of a small batch of gorgets. On the video the  
right you can see the 3D visualization of this model.
If you need a three-dimensional model for your technological chain, we
will try to be useful to you in implementing this task. The initial data for
us may be sketches, photos, verbal descriptions, eyewitness
recollections :-), etc. etc. If you have the technical drawings with
dimentions of the product, then, of course, it will be very very useful!
On the left is a photo gallery, in which we presented only a few of our
modeling works. It shows 360-degrees photos. After clicking the picture,
a lightbox with Play icon ">>" opens, click on it and then control the view
with the left mouse button. Models for stamping, for silicone molds,
casting molds, vacuum molds, for prototyping on a 3D printer or 3D
3D models
Download our free 3D model as an example please:
Email to us, even if the task is not well defined yet for you, and even
if it seems that before the implementation of the conceived is still very
far away! The result is much closer than it might seem at first glance!
3D HD video.
Please watch this video on SmartTV devices or the like. Do not forget to switch the device to 3D mode, put on special glasses and turn on full screen mode on this player!
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