We are engaged in design development,   
manufacture, decoration, and installation of  
wooden stairs since 1998. Having accumulated a  
lot of experience, we continue to improve our  
skills, and today we have interesting solutions!
Wooden stairs
   Thanks to the availability of bold ideas, we  
manage to implement non-standard  
developments. An example of this are Dowel  
Rod Cutters for the production of round rods,  
arrow shafts and dowels. They are very useful  
for professional or home carpenter and you get  
rid of the purchase of dowel milling machine!
   We look forward to the craftsmen to  
participate in the next project - the revival of  
the carpenter workbench of old school, vintage,  
authentic design. Three-dimensional color  
sketches, a brief manual on the assembly are  
waiting for you!
A dowel milling machine is no
longer needed!
Vintage style workbench
    Let a question. Have you ever come across
wooden spoons of such subtle, refined and
correct form? Take a look please!
   If you suddenly need the wooden bas-reliefs
for your interiors, carved panels and covers you
can instruct us to make them according to
sketches. The possibilities of our equipment in
terms of dimensions: 700 X 1100 mm.
Wooden decor
   We are ready to develop for you three-
dimensional models of wooden and stucco  
decoration, for the subsequent prototyping,  
three-dimensional printing, molding and casting!
3D modeling
      Going through our pages, you can get acquainted with  
our main directions and aspirations. We sincerely hope  
that our works will not leave you indifferent!!

  Yours sincerely the author and project manager  
George Petrov.
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Saint-Petersburg, Russia  2017.
Communy street 30-1
Saint-Petersburg 195030

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