The products made of wood have firmly become part of the  
everyday life of man since ancient times. Numerous  
evidences in the form of collection specimens and  
archaeological finds around the world tell about it. Maybe  
that's why we are so attracted by wooden toys, dishes,  
souvenirs. Not exaggerating, we will notice that wooden  
household items are pleasant not only to our sight, but they  
are pleasant even to the touch! In touch with the wood there  
is a special magic, special positive sensations! From the tree  
comes an incredible warmth, special joyful waves! A  
handrails and balusters of ladder, archery arrows, parts of  
guns, drum sticks, a handle of axe and other tools, the  
decoration of expensive cars, propellers of small-engine  
airplanes and paragliders, expensive furniture and interior  
decor - just think about, all this is traditionally made of  
We wish you happiness, home comfort and successful
Souvenirs of wood
    We also don't stand aside and are unconditionally in love  
with wood, this is truly a magic material accompanying  
human creativity throughout all the distant years and in our  
mad but beautiful century, the age of builders, musicians,  
designers, artists, sportsmen, businessmen, the century of  
universal creativity and volitional activity!
Our wooden spoons will
please you!
We have mastered the batch production of wooden spoons from beech
and mahogany. Meaning the copying with the help of modern
technologies, we have a 100% repeatability, which means that we can
talk not only about individual items, but about whole sets and even about
lots! Delicate yellow pink beech and contrasting cherry-brown mahogany
in our opinion, do not need a change in the natural coloring, we just
added a small decorative pattern on the edges of the spoons, made in
the technique of mastic inlay. Spoons are soaked through natural
beeswax with the use of vacuum impregnation without any chemical
artificial additives and solvents. Thus, we guarantee the natural purity,
ecological compatibility and hypoallergenicity of our wooden spoons!
Spoons can be used for dry bulk products (salt, sugar), for jam and
honey, cold summer soups such as okroshka, beetroot, mushroom. They
can be washed with cold water with the addition of detergents. Our
spoons also are souvenirs and serve as excellent gifts for most national,
religious and state holidays, can be presented on the occasion of
personal dates and jubilees!
For today, we have mastered the production of three sizes: 140
mm teaspoon, 160 mm dessertspoon and 200 mm tablespoon. We
will happy to discuss by email the possibility of producing any batch
of our wooden spoons!
The cell phone and measurement tools are not for sale :-) They
only helps to represent the dimensions of our wooden spoons!
Saint-Petersburg, Russia  2017.
Communy street 30-1
Saint-Petersburg 195030

We have prepared for you a set of 3 wooden tea size spoons in
Russian style. These spoons are thoroughly coated with natural beeswax
without any solvents, oils or hardeners. They suit for a variety of dishes,
including dairy desserts and ice cream, demonstrate excellent
hypoallergenicity and are suitable for serving the table at home or
corporate party, a youth party and even at a children's party on the
occasion of any event!
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