Our premium stairs
Economy stairs Geos
Lathed varnished balusters of beech with balls on poles it is still the economy class!
Of the many worthy options that are possible today, we bring to your
attention a wooden economiy ladder made of pine and beech. Due to the
fact that its cheaper pine details are opaque, only the beech part
remains under the varnish - treads handrails and balusters, and the
staircase reveals only truly winning surfaces.
Due to the modesty of the forms of its individual parts, this ladder
does not violate the integrity and ideas of almost any interior, but
despite its seeming simplicity, it attracts attention as an element of
decorating small and medium-sized rooms.
The movies above shows our 2-storey staircase with details of solid
Macore redwood. Such ladders require a special approach because of the
relative high cost of the materials used and the geometric complexity of
the decorative forms of the parts. Manufacturing and installation of
premium stairs requires
additional work and high qualification of the joiner. Below are the
sketches of one of these stairs, made by us at the stage of approval,
which later became part of our contract with the customer.
A few words about it - about the layout. From the arguments about it
the idea follows about how such a ladder will be placed in such and such a
room and where your stair will be directed to. Let's not make a secret of
the fact that in an attempt to save the area of the room, people usually
take out not so much space for stairs, but they want to have a
comfortable ladder. Therefore, we always need an optimal layout, and it
sets the tone in the design of the stairs. We all needed a design that
unconditionally obeyed any conceivable layout. Looking back, we affirm
that a lot of design work has been done. Analyzing the accumulated
experience, we made a decision not suddenly and today we boldly bring it
to your court. Carefully selected and dried timber is the basis of the
product, whose design, taking into account the specific dimensions, has
already been fulfilled by the designer and approved by the customer.
After completing the design, we have the most accurate geometric bulk
model, which allows us to see the future product on the color realistic
image of photographic quality, and most importantly - allows us
accurately to determine the price and timing of the order. This
geometric model is the starting point for the designer when creating
working drawings with parts, and therefore we can talk about the full
correspondence of the final result to our project. If we talk about
strength and durability, then our new design of course, take into account
these aspects. At each stage of work, every detail will undergo the strict
control. When the varnish time is right, the best paint and varnish
materials will be applied. Qualified specialists will carefully mount the
ladder in the space allocated for it and the floors will be connected
But where did this model come from?
At some point we needed a design that could be repeated, which means
making it cheaper and changing only its layout in the future.
A few words about arrangement
Wooden stairs Geos
The button below leads to the second floor
      In a modern multi-storey building, the staircases have a significant role - whether it is a question of skyscrapers or small country houses. The ladder should be comfortable, safe, strong, it should serve for a long time and, of course, decorate the room.
   Correctly designed, conscientiously manufactured and securely installed wooden stairs meet these requirements.

   But let's ponder: the construction of stairs consists of many not simple tasks. Take for example design or, say, wood drying. Many of these issues require special equipment, knowledge, high qualification of the performer, experience and mastery for their solution.

    That is why today, in our enlightened age, the manufacture of the wooden staircase still remains and will remain forever the work that the real masters are so proud of.
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