Now you know almost everything about our wooden bas-reliefs!
What do you need to know about the
wooden decor?
The scope of work depends on many factors, such as for example, the
complexity of the geometric shape of future parts, the batch, the total
quantity, surface finish, varnish, wax, choice of wood and the like.
That's why we can not bring prices in a form of some table here. Write
us e-mail please, and we will answer you!
You can order from us parts of wooden decor. Carefully having studied
your pencil sketches we will create three-dimensional models based on
them, which later will be a task for the CNC machine. In another case, it
may not be the decor at all. Let's say you want to have a master model
made of wood for later cloning using the casting of various polymers,
silicone, polyurethane or gypsum and other hardening materials. We will
model your future product using a three-dimensional editor and mill the
wooden workpiece, turning it into a master-model! In this task we are
also ready to help you.
   When we are building a new apartment or office, and  
maybe reconstructing the premises when the repair time has  
come, we face the challenge: what will be the new interior?  
Often we remember the advantages of massive wood and  
choose it as a finishing material. For you, our customers,  
who have chosen this way, we offer decor elements from  
solid wood of valuable species, made to order according to  
the sketches of your designer! It can be moldings, brackets,  
columns, balusters, panels, etc. etc.
     Modern technologies that we have at our disposal allow us to carry  
out this work with enviable accuracy and repeatability. In addition, it  
reduce the time of such works significantly.
    The video on the right shows a successful result!
    On this page there are pics and video of bas-reliefs for  
appliqués on the wide plates of large window casings  outside  
and inside the Orthodox St. Andrew's church.
    The fact is that sometimes, when such an opportunity is  
given out, it is simpler and cheaper to make large building  
parts and then, after installing them, to paste on them the  
previously prepared decor in place. As a result, we receive  
details of impressive size, decorated with intricate carvings.
Wooden decor Geos.
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Tell your friends about us, please!