Quick start!
    Dear Craftsmen and Professionals! You are Welcome!
This project is for people interested in the woodwork  
business and for passionate hobbyists. This project is for  
people who are not accustomed to sit idly. In a word, for  
serious guys!
    Dear friends! You are able and ready to make a genuine  
workbench completely! Those who have already made the  
workbench not only got the workbench and mastered a new  
occupation they immediately have earned a high reputation  
and the respect of colleagues. Thereby they have increased  
the level of their life! It has long been known: most of  
customers really trust only carpenters and joiners who are  
able to make own workbench by himself. Only the joiner that  
has a good workbench can expect for the flow of good orders.  
There are cases when people absolutely unrelated to the  
carpentry or joinery job has the nice workbenches in their  
offices or at home in the basement workshops to produce  
positive impression on guests and business partners.
    Truly, the workbench which was made with love will  
inevitably be the bestdecoration and most important element  
of any workplace!
For the soonest comfortable acquaintance with this project, please join
russian benchmaker's community and download for free the Short Manual
and Detailed 3d Drawings Album by George Petrov by clicking on the button
After reading this brief manual, you will be able to estimate the relative
labor intensity, timber consumption of this product and get all the
necessary knowledge for self-construction. Our main task is to popularize
the idea of building an old-school style workbench. On the Internet and
directories you will find not too much detailed necessary information,
besides, it will be extremely fragmented, "scrappy", and sometimes quite
contradictory. By this brochure we dared to fill the obvious gaps, and as it
seems to the authors, succesfully!
We wish you a successful work!
    We have a vigorous, numerous and very friendly community on the  
resource vk.com where you can get to know and communicate with the  
participants of this project, learn their experience express your  
thoughts on the topic, to please us with your achievements, to post  
photos and videos and to share knowledge and drawings!
Here, in a concise form, the tips of an experienced carpenter are set
forth, comprehensive three-dimensional sketches are presented,
exhaustive data on the dimensions of each part of the workbench, and the
sequence of assembly is described step by step! We hope, this manual will
be equally pleasant to read both to the beginning expert, and to the
master with the great experience.
We sincerely recommend it to you! Below are examples of illustrations
taken from the Short Manual:
the wooden screws
for your  workbench?
Wooden screw pairs for workbenches of various designs are relatively
difficult for home production and we propose to purchase them from us.
Our screws have a thread pitch of 12 mm (approx. 1/2 "), diameter 46 mm
(1 13/16") and three different thread lengths: 226 mm 336 mm and 468
mm (approx. 8 1/2 ", 13" and 18 1/2 "). The prices are below.
Item Screw 226 Screw 336G Screw 468G Screws&Nuts Kit (226 +  336G) Moxon Vise Kit 13"
(336G + 336G)
Moxon Vise Kit 18"
(468G + 468G)
  Price $73.20 $92.40 $114.00 $141.50 $159.20 $194.50
Shipping $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00
Screw pairs can be purchased separately or as a kit of two ones.
When buying two screw pairs as a kit the discount price is valid as
you can see!
Screws&Nuts Kit for workbench
described in Short Manual above,
consist of:
PayPal buttons includes the price of economy international airmail
shipping. If you want to get the parcel faster, or vice versa, want to save
more money on shipping, please contact us by email to consider other
ways of delivery.
    We guarantee money back for 14 days since the date of delivery.
Buyer pays return shipping.
Select type of screw
Select screw kit
Where to buyWhere to buy
Each screw comes with its own nut, the handle and two bulbs. One bulb
is already glued and the second one is not, for convenience of
transportation and for the saving on the shipping price. The screws 336G
and 468G has the splitted garter in the form of two U-shaped blocks and
the neck for it. The price can change over time so please, come here to
be aware of the new prices! We described a reliable way to install the
screw pairs in the Short Manual (links above). In addition, we have the
YouTube button for attentive readers who have read up to this point :-)
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Communy street 30-1
Saint-Petersburg 195030

According to your numerous requests, we publish here the model of
trapezoidal thread used in the production of our wooden screw pairs. The
sample is subject to download for analysis, three-dimensional printing,
self-production on any equipment, etc. We will be happy to read your email
feedbacks! The downloading a high-poly model in * .stl format will begin
with the clicking on the image of stamp-marked screw on the deep blue
sea background on the left.
Tell your friends about us, please!