Acquaintance with Dowel Rod Cutter DRC
    Have you ever thought about where you can apply round  
dowel in carpentry or joinery? The round dowels in our  
opinion, unfortunately, are not so widely used. And it seems  
to be because we don't have this very dowels at the right  
time in the necessary quantity and quality, of the required  
diameter in accordance with the size of the available drill bit  
for reliable gluing .
    Our precision tool Dowel Rod Cutter DRC will give the  
carpenter the ability to get the dowels on the fly! The  
problem of lack of dowels will be successfully solved, and we  
heartily congratulate you! A professional or home carpenter  
will choose a suitable drill bit and then without spending  
precious time will make a round dowel from a square or  
rectangular blank.
   You can use all wood species as a raw material.
    Preferred wood: beech, birch, hicory, mahogany, maple.  
Fragile species: oak, ash a little less suits to. Fibrous,  
viscous and soft woods - spruce, poplar suits even less, but  
DRCs will easily cope even with these wood species.
    Therefore, it was not by accident that we gave our popular Youtube
video a loud title:
A dowel milling machine is no longer needed!
For the best acquaintance with Dowel Rod Cutter DRC please, join our
Vkontakte russian community "Круглопалочный станок больше не
нужен", download the User's Manual and read it carefully:
Dowel Rod Cutter DRC consist of a wooden body with a channel of
complex shape, a blade with adjustment, a paw for attachment to the
workbench and two supplied handles, which you can easily install on the
glue into the holes if necessary.
    Please, contact us by e-mail to make sure the availability of a particular diameter. Ask please any questions about  
DRC, we are always happy to answer! Lets talk about today discounts!
Y- adapters for electric drill
We produce Y-adapters for quick fixing of blanks without a wrench or a
key in a 16 mm chuck of electric drill. Y-adapters will greatly help you to
adjust your DRC after sharpening the blade. Below are the sizes and
prices of Y-adapters:
We wish you successful mastering the advanced tool Dowel Rod Cutter DRC!
Square, mm Price Shipping
10.0 - 17.0 $11.50 $4,00**
  16.0 - 27.0 $17.20 $6,60**
26.0 - 38.0 $22.70 $10,00**
Dowel rod cutter DRC
Thus, Dowel Rod Cutter DRC is a carousel single-knife mill cutter, but the
difference of the DRC is that it does not rotate - instead of it the
processing workpiece rotates. You can work with DRC at least in two
ways: using a lathe, or using an electric drill. The special shape of the
DRC's channel and the carefully selected angles of installation and
sharpening of the blade allow us to obtain tangible self-feeding of the
workpiece and you do not have to put much effort. In addition, our DRC
almost does not feel knotty and oblique blanks, and it will bring the
carpenter special pleasure. Based on many years of production and
experience with the use of DRC we assert that the wooden body is quite
strong and durable, and its operating life consists of thousands of
meters of dowel rods. In addition to the above, we especially note that
by giving up the dowel milling machine in favor of the DRC, you will save
expensive production areas! The diameter of the dowel, obtained with
the help of DRC, has a deviation of no more than +/- 0.05 mm. DRC is
the closest prototype of an ordinary sharpener for pencils, as well as a
sister of an old hand planer and DRC also like its brother needs very
sharp blade and careful adjusting to get the best results in productivity
and quality of the surface. The blade of DRC is made of steel with a
cutting edge of hard alloy, so you are spared from everyday blade
sharpening. Easy blade adjustment allows you to quickly start the release
of parts after sharpening.
The Dowel Rod Cutter DRC is able to produce the dowel of only
one diameter. This diameter is indicated on the body of the DRC by
* 5/16", 11/32", 23/64" and 3/8" diameters are well suited for everyday
tasks of traditional archers, self making and repairing arrow shafts are
now possible as never before!
Where to buyWhere to buy
Choose the diameter please
Choose the diameter please
Choose the diameter please
    Also, our DRC can be found on by searching for Dowel Rod Cutter DRC
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Archery* 1-st size 2-nd size 3-rd size
Including diameters 5/16" up to 3/8" 10.0 up to 14.0mm   15.0 up to 22.0mm 23.0 up to 32.0mm
L x W x H, mm
122 Х 43 Х 65 122 Х 43 Х 65 186 Х 66 Х 98 267 Х 94 Х 140
Weight, g, approx. 180 180 610 1750
Price $33.50 $33.50 $55.70 $81.40
Shipping $8.00 $8.00 $18.30 $32.90
**When buying a Y-adapter along with the DRC, let us know about it by
e-mail. This is a good case to save money! We will send you a PayPal
invoice with a discounted price and you'll save the amount marked with
two asterisks in the table above!