We have collected all our documents, available for free from our  
website in one place for your convenience!
We gave you all our documents! What now? We will create new ones!
All Geos downloads on one page
Another document about the workbench. Sources of drawings in true
resolution for high-quality printing. The drawings from the previous file
can not be printed properly, so we added this archive.
For military historians and restavrators of military historical events,
we place the button here for downloading the visualization of our model
of the officers' gorget. HD 1920 X 1080 XviD 3D video.
For those who would like to get acquainted with the quality of our
3D-models, we post this link for downloading the file. Free model can be
used by you for any purpose, except for the sale. It was created for free
Download our files for free!
Please use this button to download DRC_manual.pdf file in English.
This is the button wiith the link to WORKBENCH SHORT MANUAL.pdf file
in English.
For drummers we are laying out the methodology of the drumset tuning.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia  2017.
Communy street 30-1
Saint-Petersburg 195030

Yes, this is the high-poly *.stl model of our wooden trapezoidal thread for
your 3d printing, packed with zip archiver.
Tell your friends about us, please!
Tell your friends about us, please!